Revolution Radio Control System

This system is a little more sophisicated than the TX20/21 and allows you to control all your locos from one handset.

Sound can optionally be fitted and we can offer alternative positions for the on/off switch and charger socket depending on your requirements.

We can provide a Revolution handset for 170. If you already have one we can link it to any newly converted locos. We will make the link button accessible so you can link the loco to any handset yourself at a later date.

The cost of fitting a Revolution receiver to a loco, including all parts, is typically in the range of 260 to 280. This is an estimate and is subject to inspection of individual locos.

The Revo units have in-built generic sounds, however there are only US-style horns. For improved sounds we offer an additional sound card with a generic British-style whistle and a few other sounds. This can be supplied and fitted for an additional 90 - 110.

For steam locos with a sound card fitted, where space allows, we can fit a cam that ensures the chuffs are always exactly synchronised with the wheel revolutions.

The receivers will typically fit in larger Gauge 1 tanks or O gauge tenders. We have previously put a receiver and battery pack in an O gauge wagon which can then be linked up to multiple locos.

There is a smaller receiver in production but this is still in beta testing so we hope to be able to offer it soon. As far as we are aware you will require an alternative handset as the current one is not compatible with these smaller receivers. So, if you took this option it would mean one handset for all your larger locos and one handset for all your smaller ones.