DCC Sound 7mm

We have considerable experience of installing sound decoders into ‘0’ gauge locos. For ‘0’ gauge locos we usually use Bryan Robertson's or Olivia's Trains' sounds.

Larger locos (typically tender engines and large diesels)

Tender locos usually take enough current to need the Loksound XL V4 or Loksound L V4 decoder which have a constant current rating of 3 Amps rather than the 1 Amp capacity of the Loksound V4. Although a Loksound V4 might cope, it may well be working near or above its upper limit with consequent risk of burning it out – especially on a hot summer’s day with ten on.

If there is enough room inside the boiler of your loco we use the 'XL' decoder with its built in Stay-Alive capability. Where there is not enough room (the XL is very wide) we use the narrower 'L' with an add-on ESU Power Pack to provide the Stay-Alive.

Price to supply and install a sound Loksound XL decoder is £250.

Smaller locos (typically tank engines and shunters)

For most smaller locos we install a Loksound V4 as long as the loco is well within the 1 Amp capacity of these decoders. We can check this for you if necessary - we have found all those converted previously to be suitable. For higher-current locos we can install a LokSound L (at extra cost).

Price to supply and install a Loksound V4 is £155.

Stay-Alive capacitors can be added to a sound converted loco fitted with a LokSound V4. This is particularly recommended if your loco does not have many pickups or your track is not always spotless. This can be done for an extra £15.

Stages of conversion

1.Check the loco is working well on DC.
2. Install DCC decoder.
3. Install lights, firebox flicker and smoke if requested.
4. Test, including tuning the motor-control pararmeters for optimum performance.
5. Synchronising the chuff rate to the wheel revolutions.

Extra services

If you want yellow or red oil lamps on your steam locos we can fit these. Please see the lights page for details.

We can also fit smoke units into steam locos – including a double installation for double-chimneyed locos. Please see the smoke page for details.

We can install a DCC sound decoder and set it up so it will work on DC/Analogue (while still working normally on DCC). The prices are the same as for a DCC sound installation.

Please note prices don't include return postage. You can pick up or drop off your loco if you prefer (we are in North Leeds - please contact us first).