DCC Sound 4mm

We have done a lot of DCC sound conversions in 00 gauge. We normally install the ESU Loksound decoder with Bryan Robertson's or Olivia’s Trains' sound files. Have a look at Olivia's or Howes' pages to see what is available. However if you specifically want someone else's sound file then please ask.

We ensure the sound quality is as high as possible by taking particular care with the speaker installation. In many cases this means installing the speaker in the tender of a steam loco. In these cases we use very fine wire to go between loco and tender to ensure flexibility on corners avoiding derailments. It does mean permanently coupling the two as a plug and socket arrangement tends to cause more problems than it cures as well as being more expensive.

We may recommend a sugar-cube speaker for some locos at a small extra cost to get the sound coming out from the chimney end, or where a larger speaker will not fit. We are impressed by the sound quality of these speakers for their small size.

Price to supply and fit a sound decoder into a steam or diesel loco is normally £125 (plus return postage). Hornby Dublo/Wrenn locos £10 extra.

If you have a double ended train such as an HST or Eurostar then we can fit sound in both driving cars. The effect of hearing first the sound from the front driving car and moments later from the rear driving car is awesome. Nice touches are that the horn only sounds in the leading cab on such installations. We give a £10 discount on the second installation so the double sound installation costs £240.

Please note that, in all cases, your chassis must be in good running order and should run quietly. It is just not worth converting a noisy loco to sound.

Stay-Alive capacitors can be added to a sound converted loco. This is particularly recommended if your loco does not have many pickups or your track is not always spotless. This can be done for an extra £15.

For tender locos we can also add extra pickups. This is usually £15 and results in the loco and tender being permanently coupled. We have found plug and socket arrangements cause more problems than they are worth (usually derailments on corners).