DCC Non-Sound Conversions 4mm

Difficulty of conversion varies. It is not necessarily the case that "DCC Ready" models are much easier than others, and there are other factors. We have decided to keep our charges simple and charge the same for DCC ready and non-DCC ready models

Standard Locos

Price to supply and install a TCS decoder into a conventional chassis loco is 36 (plus return postage).

Please note that, pre-conversion, your chassis must be in good running order. If it is not then we may be able to service/repair it for a small extra charge or perhaps you could consider getting us to convert a new one for you - please enquire.

If you are wanting sound in your loco then please click here to visit the sound page.

Why do we use TCS or Gaugemaster decoders?

We normally install TCS or Gaugemaster decoders as they give excellent driving performance. We use them in our own locos and have found them to be very good value for money, being in the mid-price range, but well above average in performance and features. For instance the M1 or MC2 are small enough to fit virtually every 00 loco, they come encapsulated, so no shorting to internal metal parts, and have a 1 amp capacity (2A peak) which gives a good safety margin. In addition, it is possible to alter the way the functions work for non-typical situations e.g. the front lights on a steam loco can be made to be non-directional or the front lights on a diesel to be directional with the rear red lights to be under independent control.