DC/Analogue sound

We can install a DCC sound decoder and set it up so it will work on DC/Analogue. The prices are the same as for a DCC sound installation. Please see the DCC sound pages for details.

Note that only the “driving” sound will work and any other sounds such as horns, whistles etc will not work.

Directional lights WILL work. We install a voltage regulator so that these lights are at constant brightness irrespective of speed.

To operate a sound loco on DC requires a specific technique. For a diesel, the controller is turned up slowly until the engine fires up. At this point the engine will idle away happily, the fan will be turning and the lights lit.

If you turn the controller up further, after a short delay while the brakes release with a hiss, the engine will rev up and the loco move off. With a bit of practice, and perhaps putting an index mark on your controller, if you turn your controller back to the “idle” position the loco will come to a halt and the engine will return to idle.

Please note prices don't include return postage. You can pick up or drop off your loco if you prefer (we are in North Leeds - please contact us first.).